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Tuesday 12th September 2017


Westside Community Centre,

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Earlier in the summer the council announced that it had secured a 100,000 grant from the Governments High Street Innovation Fund and opened a consultation process so interested parties can put forward their suggestions:

The members of Incredible Edible North Hampshire believe that a modest investment into growing edible plants and vegetables within the existing raised beds within London Street and Winchester Street will return significant benefits in terms of bringing our local community together, increase the learning and interest in good food and nutrition whilst supporting our local businesses who grow and cook food. Non-food businesses will have the opportunity to engage through their corporate and social responsibility programs (CSR) be that in kind, in cash or in employee engagement.

The Introduction sets the scene of Basingstoke’s history, the resurgence of interest in local food and the follow-on opportunities which might be opened if this first modest step is taken.

The Overview describes the project and it’s major features.

The Draft Proposal Detail is not intended to be the final solution, but to provide a “strawman” for discussion and to provide an indication of what the approximate cost would be.

It is recognised that a number of people will have concerns regarding vandalism. In the main the present beds show little sign of vandalism. Also Todmorden in West Yorkshire has had edible raised beds in their town centre for the past four years, their local police Inspector David Browning has kindly provided his insight in The Experience In Todmorden.

You can download a Microsoft Word version of this proposal here

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